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  • [Rubber Material] What is Silicone Rubber Foam Material
    The foam material of Closed Cell Foam silicone rubber is a kind of porous polymer elastic material prepared by the foaming of silicone rubber.Closed Cell Foam is a versatile, medium firmess silicone that offers the lightness of a foam, with the enhanced sealing capabilities of a traditional sponge rubber.
  • [Rubber Material] What are Wacker Silicones and its uses?
    Silicone, sometimes called silicone rubber, is a kind of highly active adsorption material, belongs to amorphous material, and its chemical molecular formula is mSiO2·nH2O.Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, except strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid doe
  • [Rubber Material] How Polypropylene is Made
    Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of propylene.They are classified into three types according to the position of methylpolypropylene, atpi polypropylene and syndiotpi polypropylene. When methyl is arranged on the same side of the molecular main chain, it is called isotact
  • [Rubber Material] What is EPDM Rubber?
    What is EPDM Rubber?
  • [Rubber Material] What is Conductive Rubber
    Conductive RubberElectrically Conductive Rubber Electrically Conductive Rubber or electrically conductive silicone is a generic term referring to any rubberized material with electrically conductive properties, such as glass silvering, silver-plat aluminum, silver, etc. These kind of conductive
  • [Rubber Material] The Chemical Properties of NBR Sealing Gasket
    Chemical PropertiesNitrile rubber has good oil resistance and solvent resistance, the higher the acrylonitrile content of nitrile rubber, the better its oil and solvent resistance. However, nitrile rubber has poor resistance to aromatic solvents, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones and ester solvents.
  • [Rubber Material] The Mechanical Properties of Buna N Oil Seal
    Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) is the co-polymer obtained from the two monomers of butadiene and acrylonitrile through emulsion polymerization. With the oil resistance, heat resistance, resistance to benzene and excellent physical and mechanical properties, as the elastomer of oil resistance rubber,
  • [Rubber Material] Properties of EPDM Sealing Gasket
    EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a general-purpose synthetic rubber made of ethylene and propylene as the main raw material, and polymerization with a small amount of non-conjugated diene under Zeigler-Netta catalyst. Anti-aging, electrical insulation and ozone resistance of EPDM is outst
  • [Rubber Material] What's EPDM Grades Material for Gasket&Seal
    What's EPDM Grades Material EPDM Grades are mainly known as Economy Grade(Commercial)EPDM,High Grade (Premium)EPDM,Peroxide Cure EPDM and White FDA Approved EPDM. These four EPDM Grades are used in various long term UV exposure,anti-ozone & water & steam,outdoor sealing applications, due to different working environment and properties requirement.
  • [Rubber Material] Chlorinated butyl rubber and brominated butyl rubber stopper
    At present, there are two common halogenated butyl rubbers used for manufacturing Pharmaceutical Stoppers, including chlorobutyl rubber and bromobutyl rubber. Many Europeans and Americans usually manufacture Pharmaceutical Stoppers by bromobutyl rubber. However, In Asia, chlorobutyl rubber is main m
  • [Rubber Material] Butyl Rubber
    Butyl rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber synthesized from isobutene and small amounts of isoprene.Butyl rubber is also called IIR, “short for Isobutylene Isoprene Rubber”. Butyl rubber has good performance of chemical stability and thermal stability, the most prominent among which is the air tight
  • [Rubber Material] The difference of rubber materials between of NBR with EPDM
    NBR has a better oil resistant compared with EPDM, but EPDM has a good wear resistance, aging resistant and heat-resisting. EPDM is usually made into water pipe.NBR is an  unsaturated carbon rubber,  which is polymer made from acrylonitrile and butadiene. The acrylonitrile amount from low to high, and oil resistant will enhance and cold resistance will decline during the producing.The main feature of NBR is oil resistance. Good resistant and tolerant to petroleum base and non-polar solvent, however, not good resistant to polar oil and polar solvent ood antistatic property Bad Ozone resistanceNBR can be consistence with PVC, POM and nylon, and could made into polymer materialsCommon NBR temperature:-20~120, low-temperature resistant NBR can work in -50 environment.EPR is made from the ethylene and propylene, which have two types: EPM and EPDMozone aging resistance Weather aging resistance heat resistance The above property is the best one in commonly used rubber. EPDM Still has the othe


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