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What is EPDM Rubber?

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What is EPDM Rubber?

EPDM is a kind of ternary polymer copolymerized by ethylene, propylene and unconjugated diene terpolymer. Its main chain is composed of saturated hydrocarbon with chemical stability. There exists unsaturated double bond only in side chain. Therefore, fully saturated polymer chain offer EPDM resistance to sunlight, heat, oxygen, ozone. EPDM has excellent ozone, heat, weather and aging resistance.

During producing EPDM, properties can be adjusted by changing the quantity of ternary-monomer, the proportion of ethylene and propylene, molecular weight and its distribution, and vulcanizing method.

Vulcanization System:
EPDM can be vulcanized by organic peroxide or sulfur. Compared with sulfur vulcanization, EPDM with peroxide cross-linking has higher temperature resistance, lower compression set and improved curing characteristics when it is applied in wire & cable industry, while the disadvantage of  peroxide vulcanization is the higher cost.

EPDM Advantages:

can be in long-term operation under 150℃.
excellent electrical insulation properties
good chemical resistance and impact elasticity
has good characteristics of resistance to heat, aging, weather resistance
has good uperheated water resistance, electrical property, elasticity

EPDM compared with other rubber materials:

EPDM and Natural Rubber:

Natural rubber is the most physically strong elastomer. It has an extremely low compression set, high tensile strength, incredible elongation, and a high resistance to abrasions. EPDM does not have much excellent physical properties as natural rubber, but EPDM's fantastive UV and ozone resistance is unique, which natare rubber can not achieve.


Generally speaking, Ethylene propylene rubber performs better than Styrene-Butadiene rubber. While SBR has it's sepcial property: better resistance to abrasion.


One of the most excellent properties of NBR is oil and fuel resistance. And NBR is also known as its stability in low temperatures(can survive in as low as -22 degree Fahrenheit). EPDM just has the opposite property compared to NBR, EMPD can maintain its stability in higher temperatures, has better resistant to water swell and weathering elements.

EPDM and Silicone:

UV and ozone resistances can be considered as prominent features of EPDM rubber, while Silicone performs better than EPDM to resist UV and ozone. Copmared with EPDM, Silicone rubber is easy to tear and with low resistant to abrasive substances and conditions. So EPDM is a rubber material not only has UV-resistant property but also has great tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

EPDM and Neoprene:

These two materials have many similar functions and properties. But EPDM possesses a better level of water swell resistance and a larger operable temperature range than Neoprene


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