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What are Wacker Silicones and its uses?

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Silicone, sometimes called silicone rubber, is a kind of highly active adsorption material, belongs to amorphous

 material, and its chemical molecular formula is mSiO2·nH2O.Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, except strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any substance.

Usually divided into inorganic silicone and organic silicone.German wacker (wacker) as one of the world's leading organic silicone materials manufacturers, wacker chemical provide organic silicone for electronic engineer, known as wacker silicone, include: bondingaling/fixed materials, potting/coating materials and protective coating material, heat insulation material, silicone resin, silicone grease lubrication, its applications cover rubber and plastic industry, medical products, electronic packaging,

electronic components manufacturing and so on.

Medical Silicone Rubber Seal

Wacker last year (2017) for the first time took part in the Latin American coating show, unveiled SILRES  WH 80 A silicone emulsion, VINNAPAS  resistant solid  EP 3360 emulsion, and antigraffiti coatings and at the same time with water vapor permeability and the

hydrophobic nature of architectural coatings using silicone products, self-leveling floor mortar with makings, and hydrophobic waterproof mortar fire retardant coating, etc.

Wacker recently developed a high hardness silicone adhesive, this silicone adhesive is developed by wacker from a new silicone machine mix.Wacker's silicone base material is made by mixing a flexible silane modified polymer with a relatively rigid phenyl silicone resin through a precise and controllable process, which cannot be achieved simply by using silicone or silane modified polymer.In addition to adhesive action, high hardness adhesive can also be used as a seal, become a high hardness sealant!
The high hardness silicone adhesive is comparable in hardness and tensile strength to polyurethane or epoxy products on the market and has many other advantages, walker said.
Not only does this waxy silicone have excellent mechanical properties, it also contains no isocyanates compared to many competing products and does not require heavy metal catalysts.In today's environment protection more than hair deep in the hearts of the people, this high hardness silicone adhesive is very promising, has a great market potential!

WACKER ® PRIMERG especially suitable for 790 will addition cured silicone rubber adhesion to metal and non-metallic base material.
1. The surface to be primed must be dry and free from grease, oil, wax, dust, rust or other contaminants.The surface should be clean, such as with nonpolar solvents such as mineral oil () between boiling range between 80 ℃ and 140 ℃), and then the polar solvent as acetone.Very smooth surfaces can be rough by grinding.In the case of metals, the substrate should be given a few hours to regenerate its oxygen layer before applying the primer.Loose particles must be removed.
2, primer can be sprayed, impregnated or sprayed construction impregnated, scraper coating or brush coating.Primer may be applied in this manner or diluted with mineral oil concentrate or diluent
Alcohol such as ethanol or 2-propanol.However, the primer film should be as thin as possible without bubbles.Usually use the best result is between 1 and 10 microns between the primer layer corresponding to the thickness of the coating weight is 5 to 50 g/m squared WACKER ® PRIMERG 790.
3. The evaporation of solvent should be carried out at ambient temperature.The formation of a consistent base film to firmly adhere to the substrate requires a certain amount of atmospheric humidity.The higher or lower the humidity is, the less or longer the reaction time is necessary.As a guideline evaporation or drying time of 1-2 hours at ambient temperature and 40% relative humidity should be applied to form a consistent base film.In some cases, the adhesive can be heated at 100 native matrix to improve - 150 ° C for up to one hour after the evaporation solvent at room temperature.


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