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Product Description

Neoprene Gasket & Neoprene Seal
Neoprene Gaskets & Seals, knows as chloroprene rubber washers & sheets, or CR seals, which is molded by compression molds or rubber injection & extrusion molding.


Neoprene Gasket Materials
Neoprene Gasket has good physical properties, oil proof, heat and flame resitance. Neoprene rubber gaskets also have sunlight & ozone resistance, acid & alkali proof, and chemical resistance etc. Neoprene rubber decomposing temperature 230oC ~ 260oC, working in 12
0oC ~ 150oC for a short time and 80oC ~ 100oC for a long time. Neoprene seal & O rings, which oil resistance ranks only second to that of NBR seal, have a good tensile strength, elongation crystalline and adhesion. Neoprene sheets & washers, also have good weather resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance, which is rank only second to EPR rubber gaskets and IIR seals. However, Neoprene rubber is bad strorage stability which is easily appearing self-vulcanization phenomenon and tend to harden as Mooney Viscosity increases.

Neoprene Gasket Specifications:
Polymer: Chloroprene Rubber & CR
Materials Color:
Milky-white, light yellow & gray
Density: 1.23 g/cm3
Hardness: 30 - 80 Shore A
Working Temperature Rang: -40
oC ~ +120oC
Tensile Strength:
14.7 ~ 19.6 MPa
Elongation at Breakage: 800% ~ 1000%
Compression ratio : 100oC*70h, +2 ~+40
Tensile Set:  less 7%
Molding Methods:
Compression Molding, Injection Molding, Transfer Injection Molding, Extrision Molding

Neoprene Gasket Material Grade
The neoprene gasket plays an important role in many equipment. The material of neoprene can be divided into 4 kinds: Cloth Inserted Neoprene rubbers, Diaphragm Neoprene, Food Grade (FDA approved) Neoprene and Flame Retardant Neoprene. The following is a brief introduction to neoprene gasket material:

Cloth Inserted Neoprene rubbers
Cloth Inserted Neoprene rubbers provide all the properties of our SBR with some added benefit of woven cloth insertion. The uses of cloth offers puncture resistance, stability and tear strength.
Diaphragm Neoprene
Diaphragm neoprenehas excellent ozone&weathering resistance, sunlight and water resistance, aging Resistance and have low compression set and good mechanical properties.
Food Grade (FDA approved) Neoprene
This material is non-toxic and tasteless, stable in chemical properties. Because it is a colloidal structure, it has many micropores and a large specific surface area. So the food grade silicone can be used as food place mats, or baby-feeding nipples.
Flame Retardant Neoprene
Flame retardant neoprene have excellent physical properties, oil resistance, heat & flame resistance, sunlight resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance. So it has a certain flame retardant.

Neoprene Rubber Sealing Gasket & O Rings Appliance
1. Electrics products, auto parts, cleaning products, sport equitments ect. which working in sunlight or contacts with air & ozone
2. Cables Sheath or Electric Products Cover & Sleeves as good anti-ageing and anti-ozone etc.
3. Oil proof & chemical resistant tubing, tape or bushings etc.
4. Fireproof rubber sealing gaskets, seals & bumpers & shock absorbers etc.

Xiamen Better Silicone Co.,Ltd, only can make rubber compression and injection moulding and produce all kinds of high qualified neoprene rubber sealing gaskets & o rings & washers for many industries, but also can produce other different rubber materials like: NBR, EPDM,
food grade MVQ, Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Rubber & LSR, HNBR, NR, SBR, IIR sealing gasket, O Rings, Washers & sheets.




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