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Nasal Mask

Nasal mask, CPAP full face mask, made from medical grade LSR soft liquid silicone and plastic frame, with adjustable headgear, and connecting elbow tube (vented or non-vented) that connected to long hose/tubing of CPAP machine, OEM and ODM is supported, we are a manufacturer. There are several types of nasal masks commonly used for various purposes. Some common types include nasal pillows, nasal cradle masks, and nasal masks with cushions. Nasal pillows are small, lightweight devices that fit directly into the nostrils, providing a minimalistic and comfortable option. Nasal cradle masks have a curved design that rests under the nose, providing a secure fit and allowing for a wide field of vision. Nasal mask with cushions cover the entire nose, providing a secure seal and accommodating different facial structures.


Nasal Mask

Nasal mask, pillow mask, play a vital role in continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, ensuring a steady flow of pressurized air to keep the airways open during sleep. These masks cover the nose and mouth, delivering the required air pressure directly to the nasal passages. They are an excellent alternative for individuals who find full face masks uncomfortable or claustrophobic. By offering nasal masks, doctors can cater to a wider range of patients and enhance their overall CPAP therapy experience.

cpap mask nasal pillow mask

Nasal Pillow Mask VS. Full Face Mask

CPAP total face mask, as the name suggests, covers the entire face, including the eyes, mouth, and nose. It is designed to provide a secure seal and deliver pressurized air to the airways. This type of mask is typically recommended for individuals who breathe through their mouth during sleep, have difficulty maintaining a seal with other mask types, or require higher air pressure settings. The total face mask ensures that the pressurized air is delivered effectively, even if the individual opens their mouth during sleep.

On the other hand, a forehead pillow nasal mask, also known as a hybrid mask, covers the nose and mouth but does not extend to cover the eyes. It consists of nasal pillows that fit into the nostrils and a cushion that covers the mouth. This type of mask is designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit while allowing for a wider field of vision. It is suitable for individuals who primarily breathe through their nose during sleep but may also breathe through their mouth at times. Nasal pillow masks are generally lightweight, less intrusive, and allow for a wider field of vision.

The choice between a CPAP total face mask and a forehead pillow nasal mask depends on individual factors such as breathing patterns, comfort preferences, and specific needs.


CPAP Mask - Over-molding or Assembly? - Process

Nasal pillow mask: consists of LSR liquid silicone forehead pillow, LSR liquid silicon mask replacement cushion, plastic PC mask frame, plastics clips, silicone air covers, plastics tube, plastic elbow, nylon headgear. All of these parts are assembled together.


Total full face mask: consists of over-molded LSR liquid silicone non-replacement mask cushion and plastic PC mask frame, other parts are assembled together.分解-新

(Note: all materials used are medical grade safe materials.)

Mask OEM & Customization Options:

We’re experienced in customizing made silicone & plastic mask, full face mask, nasal mask, pillow mask, nasal cannula, half mask, etc., welcome to provide design drawings or samples to us to manufacturer. As for our developed masks, we provide OEM service as well, such as add your own design on our mask (talk about other relative costs), print your logo on packaging, customize your own packaging, etc.



2-4Medical Grade Liquid Silicone MoldLiquid Silicone LSR MouldMedical Silicone CPAP Full Face Mask

Compression Molding Silicone Half Mask



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