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Medical PVC Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag

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Resuscitation Bag

Resuscitation Bag, also known as Ambu Bags, Manual Resuscitation Bag and PVC Ball, etc. A manual resuscitator bag is used to provide air by hand, if your patient is not breathing. The bag can also be used to give large breaths after suctioning, a trach change or when a ventilator circuit is being changed. The bag must always be near your patient in case of an emergency. There are two types of manual resuscitators: self-inflating and flow-inflating. Ventilation bags used for resuscitation should be self-inflating and should be available in child and adult sizes, suitable for the entire pediatric age range.

 Resuscitation Bag

Resuscitation Bag & Ambu Bag Production Process


Resuscitator Respirator Ball & Bag Main Issue During Production

  • The PVC Bag Color Changed, due to temperature is too high; Solution: adjust the machine paratemeter.

  • The Resuscitator Bag edge cracking; Solution: Modify the mold injection gate.

 Manual Resuscitator Bag


What is an “Resuscitation Bag”?

An Resuscitation Bag is a medical tool used to force air into the lungs of patients who:  

are not breathing; or

are not breathing adequately so still need assistance


Are there different types of Resuscitation Bags?

Yes, there are different sizes of Resuscitation Bags, different materials used for disposable vs. reusable bags, and different styles depending on the manufacturer.

  • Sizes: Adult, child, and infant.

  • Materials: The Ambu disposable bag is made of SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene), a plastic considered safer than PVC. The reusable version is made of silicone rubber, 100% latex free.

  • Structure: The Ambu bag was first produced by the Ambu company. The name “Ambu” then became generalized. The true Ambu bag has developed and changed with time as new technology and materials have made improvements possible. There are now various manufacturers, so Ambu bags (BVMs), while all similar in structure, take varied forms.

 Silicone Resuscitation Bag

How do you check to see that an Resuscitation Bag is functioning?

There are three quick checks to make sure an Ambu bag is working properly:

  • Squeeze to make sure the BVM self inflates, which indicates the valves are working correctly.

  • Block the patient connection (where the device would enter the patient’s mouth) and attempt to squeeze the bag. The pop-off valve should open.

  • Remove the reservoir and block the patient intake valve. The bag should not inflate.

Resuscitation Bag Parts

A complete set of Manual Resuscitator includes:


Manual Resuscitator Parts

Pressure Relief Valve

Intake Valve


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