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Self Inflating PVC Manual Resuscitator Resuscitation Ambu Bag

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Resuscitator Bag

Resuscitator bag also called as self inflating bag, resuscitation bag, BVM ventilation bag which has disposable and reusable type in infant, pediatric, and adult sizes. It is designed to provide or assist ventilation in patients who are apnoeic or exhibit inadequate respiration. The self inflating resuscitator bag is a component of manual resuscitator & respirator, ambu bag ventilator, bag valve mask, CPR bag like Ambu Bag, Laerdal resuscitator. 

Self Inflating PVC Manual Resuscitator Bag

Ambu Resuscitator Bag Sizes & Types

There are different sizes of Ambu bags, different materials used for disposable vs. reusable resuscitation bags.

Size: Infant & Neonatal & Newborn Ambu Bag, Pediatric Ambu Bag, and Adult BVM.

Materials: The PVC disposable resuscitator bag is made of SEBS (Styrene Ethylene Butylene Styrene) or PVC. The reusable version is made of silicone rubber, 100% latex free.

Neonatal Infant PVC manual resuscitator

 Infant ambu bag

Self Inflating Pediatric ambu Resuscitation bag

Pediatric resuscitator bag

Adult BVM Ambu Bag Manual Resuscitator

Adult resuscitation bag

PVC Manual Resuscitator Bag Injection Molding

Self Inflating Resuscitator Bag Common Defects & Solution

Discoloration of the resuscitation balloon material

Cracking of the BVM ventilation bag end

Disposable PVC Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag Common Defects

Resuscitator Bag Manufacturing Solution

Machine Parameter Setting: Temperature control is important because higher temperature will make the material to discolor. 

Material Selection & Mold Gate Design: Because the PVC bag end is smaller than bag body, suitable material and gate design can avoid cracking in the bag end.

Our Resuable & Disposable Resuscitator Bag

Why choose our resuscitator bag?

Good Quality & Factory Price

Beautiful Look & Custom made Support

Offering Silicone & Plastic Manual Resuscitator Parts & Molds

Self Inflating BVM Resuscitator CPR Ventilation BagManual BVM Ventilation Resuscitation Resuscitator Bag

Self Inflating PVC Resuscitation Resuscitator Bag Plastic Injection Mold

How to Use Resuscitation Bag?

Resuscitator bag is a self inflating balloon. It is attached to a nonrebreathing valve, a face mask, a reservoir bag with oxygen to make up a BVM to provide ventilation to the person not breathing normally. The bag is squeezed manually to transport oxygen to the patient through the nose and mouth until the intubation can be done. After squeezing, it will be inflated again by itself.

Resuable Silicone Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag

Manual Resuscitator Ambu Bag Parts

We are manufacturer of Ambu bag parts. A complete manual resuscitator includes:

Self Inflating Resuscitation Bag

Pop-off valve

Patient valve & Non-rebreathing valve

Umbrella Respiratory valve

Duckbill expiratory valve

Face mask

Oxygen Reservoir Bag

respirator umbrella valve for manual resuscitatorDuckbill ValveCheck valve for Resuscitator's patient valve & non rebreathing valve

Plastic PVC manual ventilator Resuscitator bagComponents of Self Inflating Ambu Bag Manual Resuscitator Resuscitation Bag


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