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Laser Engraving Keyboard

Laser etching processing, also known as laser engraving, makes the silicone key surface form the required text and symbol pattern, generally used in mobile phones, car keys, and remote control keys.Laser light transmission button, when the product screen is lit, through the light transmission button can accurately find each button, under the irradiation of the backlit LED light will be very clear, beautiful, bring customers excellent decorative effect with the aesthetic feeling of science and technology.

Laser Engraving Keyboard

Silicone Keypads, Known as Rubber Keypad, Elastic Silicone Keyboard, Keypad Keyboard Cover etc, which mainly made of elastomeric transparent silicone rubber materials by silicone rubber compression molding tooling.We according to customer requirements laser location, do a good job of precision fixture, computer drawing a ruler map, fixed, in accordance with the design of the pattern of production of radium processing procedures, laser parameters, power, stepping speed and other key parameters, independent design of the transmission system to ensure that the product laser focal length has been in the product surface, in order to obtain good laser etched effect, laser engraving product surface will appear some dust,  We need to wipe with professional cleaning agent to make the surface of the product more transparent.

Laser Engraving Keyboard

The Keypad Structure

Keyboard structure

Clavier structure(1)

What is laser etching keyboard?

Laser engraving keyboard referred to as laser etching keypad, also known as laser marking in the industry, is a silicone key surface treatment process, the appearance of the effect is similar to the silicone key screen printing, is printed on the surface of the silicone key text and a variety of symbol patterns. Under the condition of sufficient light source, the silicone key using laser etching process will have concave feeling if you touch the character of the laser etched key with your hand. Laser etching keyboard application is very wide, can be used for automobile keyboard, industrial keypad, precision instruments and medical keyboard.

laser etched car keypad 

Laser Etching Keypad

The advantages of laser engraving keypad.

1. Durable-The label of laser engraving keypad does not fade due to environmental relations(touch,acid and reducing gases, high temperature, low temperature, etc.).

2. Anti-falsification-the keypad marking made by laser etching marking technology is not easy to copy and change, and has strong anti-counterfeiting to a certain extent.

3. Fast development speed-Because of the combination of laser engraving technology and computer technology, the laser printing output can realized by programming on the computer, and the print design can be changed at any time, fundamentally replacing the traditional mold making process, to shorten the product upgrade cycle and flexible production provides a convenient tool.

Clavier gravé au laser

LED Backlight

What is difference between laser engraved keypad and other keys?

1. Laser etching silicone keypad will be transparent, when the laser etched keypad are assembled on the instrument and equipment, used at night, the graphic characters on the surface of the keypad will be transparent, the light source depends on the instrument and equipment key panel light. And ordinary keyboard will not be transparent, unless the keypad themselves use transparent silicone material or acrylic.

2.From the surface recognition of silicone keypad, usually ordinary silicone keymat surface graphic characters are the use of screen printing process, with the naked eye, you can see a layer of ink printed on the keys. And laser engraving keyboard with the naked eye to see graphic characters is concave down.

Laser Etched Character

Screen Print Silicone Keypad

Why choose us?

1. Precision Own Mold-Making Technology since 1998 year
2. Competitive Price

a. Own Mold-Making
b. Own Silicone Rubber Compression Plant
c. Own Plastic Injection Plant
d. Own Liquid Silicone Injection Plant (Dust-free)
e. Own Assembly Plant (Dust-free)

3. Quality Assurance: Production and Test according ISO9001:2008 standards
4. One Stop Service:

a. Experienced Technical Persons, Salesman & Workers
b. Deal with Keypad Mold Design, Mold-Making, Silicone Rubber Keypad, Screen Printing, Color Coating, PU Coating, Matte Smooth, Laser Etched,

Epoxy Coating
c. Design&Sizes Test, Actuation Force Test, Backlighting Test etc.

5. Rapid Reaction Customer Service.


Silicone Keypad Prototype




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