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Water Hose Silicone Rubber Tap Faucet Washer

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Silicone Rubber Faucet Washer, also knows as elastomeric silicone rubber nozzle gasket, rubber water hose washer etc.
Silicone Nozzle,
also called Rubber Nozzle, Rubber Nozzles Gasket, which mainly used in Sanitary products like silicone shower head nozzles gasket, silicone faucet / tap nozzles gasket and used in spraying device as a projecting spout etc. Silicone Nozzles is also well-known as a kind of device designed as the end of an enclosed tube or pipe to control the direction and characteristic of a fluid flow (especially to increase velocity).
Some Silicone Nozzles used in drink bottle, Cosmetic bottle as a liquid flow control valve or opening mouth.

Silicone Nozzle

Silicone Nozzle Function
Silicone Nozzle can be used to direct or modify the liquid flow as the terminal of discharging pipe, usually to control the rate of flow, speed, direction, mass, shape, and/or the pressure of the stream. Silicone Nozzle velocity of fluid increases on the expense of its pressure energy.  
Silicone Nozzle

Silicone Nozzle Structure:
Silicone Rubber Nozzle is made of 100% natural silicone, and it is often a pipe or tube of varying cross sectional area, circular, rectangular, triangle or some other shape. Therefore, there are
different kinds of inner holes of the Silicone Nozzle, round hole, rectangle hole, triangle hole, and so on. However, the round hole is much better than the other two types. Under the same Reynolds number, as the sprayer of round nozzles tends to flows along the center line, the possibility of second flow is less.

Silicone Nozzle has a wide application in our daily life, such as faucet, shower head, sprayer. However, different Silicone Nozzles have different structure, like thin-walled orifices(a), extended cylinder nozzles(b), inserted cylinder nozzles(c), shrink cone nozzles(d), expanded cone nozzles(e), and streamline nozzles. The structure of Silicone Nozzle is the key to expel a fluid stream. 
Rubber Nozzle cross-section

Nozzle Materials:
Nozzles mainly made of Elastomeric Rubber (Silicone), Plastic (PVC, PTFE), Steel (Stainless steel, brass, copper) etc.
Silicone Shower Head Nozzle Advantage:
Silicone Nozzle

Over time, the limescale can build up in the shower head, which can cause the nozzles to squirt water in all directions or clog up completely, leaving you with poor water pressure or low flow. The shower head can not perform like it used to. Therefore, We have to make the help get your shower head back to peak performance.
1. The mineral deposits is difficult to wash, because we have to dismantle the hand shower faucet.
2. The Silicone Nozzle is very convenient to clean up. The Well-designed Silicone nozzle tend to be projecting, which is convenient for you to clean up the Nozzle with hand or cloth.

Some Faucet nozzle gasket begin to choose Liquid silicone rubber materials like Plastic + LSR overmolding nozzles, which will be widely used in nozzles industries in near future as materials advantage.

Liquid Silicone Overmolding

Our Advantage for mold-making and silicone rubber nozzles production:
1. Own mold-making plant, mold designs and making technology
2. Own silicone rubber nozzles production plants
3. Own Technology: Mold-design, Mold-making, Mold-assembly
3. Silicone rubber nozzles materials guarantees: formal silicone rubber materials manufacturer materials
4. Silicone Nozzles quality guarantess: Without or MINI Burr, Nozzles Structure Assurance according to customer design drawings.
5. Rich Experience in Silicone Shower head Nozzles

For save Molding Tooling process cost or less experience, many suppliers choose milling the mold steel for forming the needles to produce silicon shower head nozzles.
That just two or three mold plates without any punch needles.
When test mold tooling samples or trial production, they are difficult to find the burring in the silicone nozzles.
However, that will affect the silicone shower head nozzles quality when mass production.
The mold tool will wear as the production quantity increase, the silicone burr in nozzles will become more and more big.
The burring in silicone nozzles will affect the function and effects of showerhead spray.
If even one nozzle have quality problem, the mold tooling can’t revive and reuse.

Actually, the mold tooling for silicone shower faucet gaskets: Punch Needles, four mold plates (some time need five or six mold plates).
That need wire cutting the hole in the mold tool for installing the punch needles. And the wire cutting must choose the low-speed, even low-speed wire cutting process cost is expensive. (High-speed wire cutting process can't meet quality demands)
When silicone shower head nozzles appear burring, we can just dismantle the punch needles or directly change the new punch needles.
That can make sure each nozzle quality when mass production, and also can save production time and the molding tooling  maintenance cost.

Punch Needle
Rubber nozzle Mold Tool

Silicone Nozzle
Rubber Nozzle
Nozzle Gasket
Nozzle Gasket

Silicone Nozzle

Rubber Nozzle

Quickly Quotation Requirement:

1. Offer 2D/3D design drawings or samples.
2. Materials Demands and Materials Durometer/Hardness Demands
3. Sizes Tolerance: +/-0.1/0.05/0.02mm
4. Durometer Tolerance: +/-5 or +/-2.5 Shore A
5. Mold Core (Nest)
6. Quantity

About silicone shower head nozzes mold tool cost, No bargain!
Please Believe: What price, what goods.

Silicone Nozzle
Silicone Nozzle
Silicone Nozzle


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