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what's test equipment ?

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1.Key life instrument:
Silicone button life instrument can do life test on mobile phone, MP3, computer, electronic dictionary keys, remote controller keys, rubber keys etc. It is suitable for testing key switches, light touch switches, membrane keys and other kinds of keys for life test.With adjustable speed and arbitrary number of times, it can test several products at the same time (each product can be multi-point test).In addition, each key can be set with different pressure and different height, and each measurement is adopted at the same time
Test head separate control, special fixture design, humanized operation.

1.key life instrument

2.Multi-function Rub tester:
The multifunctional friction testing machine is suitable for abrasion resistance test of plastic (notebook, mobile phone) shell, coating, natural rubber, natural silica gel, etc.The abrasion resistance testing machine of alcohol and rubber is suitable for the abrasion resistance testing machine of all kinds of non-conductor coating film.

2.multi-function rub tester

3.Hand operation load instrument:
With the special manual load test bench, this load meter is used for the test of silicone rubber, pressure and resilience. Due to the high test accuracy and high sampling frequency, it is widely used for online testing.

3.hand operation load instrument

4.Load curve of instrument:
The load displacement curve meter is suitable for all kinds of button and switch (load - travel) curve test, using WINDOWS Chinese window screen setting, easy to operate, and all data can be stored (test conditions, load curve, test results, inspection report...This machine is driven by servomotor, which can provide high precision (load-travel) measurement, and can obtain completely accurate key and switch curve test.

4.load curve of instrument

Characteristics of load curve testing machine:
※ Peak Force, Return Force, Distance and Click rate can be directly displayed on the figure without manual calculation.
※ the measurement curve can be enlarged and shrunk at any time by computer memory.
※ the upper and lower specification values can be input, and the result can automatically determine OK or NO.
Maximum stroke and load can be input and controlled by computer automatically.
※ load unit shows N, Ib, gf and KGF can switch freely
※ directly print and store load - trip chart and inspection report by computer.
※ test conditions are set by computer screen (including test stroke, speed, times, air pressure, pause time, etc.)

5.Wear tape device:

The RCA tape abrasion tester rolls the ungreased paper or tape and the sample for a certain number of turns, depending on the abrasion resistance.
Application scope and features:
(1) friction test of sprayed coatings on the surface of mobile phones, laptops, telephones, pdas, MP3 players, CD players and various plastic cases;
2. Friction resistance test of silk-screen printing on silicon rubber products;
3. After surface treatment, such as electroplating, water plating, vacuum plating, etc.
Instrument parameters
1. Load: 55g/175g/275g, adjustable (standard load: 175g)
2. Paper bandwidth: 11/16"
3. Friction speed: 17 RPM (±1 RPM)

5.wear tape device

6.Second per image measuring instrument

The 2-d image measuring instrument is a precise 2-d measuring instrument integrating light, machine, electricity and software.Especially suitable for small precision measurement or reverse mapping, suitable for plastic parts, hardware mold, electronic components, precision parts, hardware, etc.

6.Second per image measuring instrument

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