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Silicone Wristband

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The culture  of silicone wristband
Eco-friendly: Silicone wristbands are made of 100% natural silicone rubber    through the hydraulic press and they have a certain tension and softness. Therefore, they are flexible,     deform easily and restore the shape immediately. Besides durability, High temprature  resistance, Non-deformation, non-toxicity and no  side effect on body , the silicone wristband also  has many  other  advantages , such as softness, no  cracking,   long   serving life and   kindness to skin.  It,s  a real green environmental protection  decoration.

Health  care :  The  manufacturer s added Inner Chips in silicone wristbands for sports tracking  and sleep tracking to test your sports and sleeping condition. They are popular all over the world. 

R ais ing  awareness :  A  good design can convey very profound significance.  The silicone wristband can be connected with  a variety of activities, including brand publicity,   advertising, promotional activities, sports activities, fundraising, and charitable activities together. they also allow you to market your event and create awareness because your customers will wear them after the event.

The features and functions of silicone wristband
     Features:  softness, Non-deformation, non-toxicity, durability, no cracking, High  temperature resistance, long  serving life  , kind to skin and fashion. 

    Functions:  S ilicone wristbands are  suitable   for  all kinds of entertainment as  Gifts, souvenirs, promotional items at low cost and high advertising   effect .  and hot  fashion decorations. The silicone wristbands with the English words or phrases     usually reflects  the people's beliefs and values.  Besides, the silicone wristbands have  an effect on  health care,mosquito repelling and UV reflex. 
The description details of silicone wristband
We have a variety of silicone wristbands for you.  If you want to put your text or logo on wristbands to create a unique look for your event. You can contact us and we can help get you perfect custom made silicone wristbands. 

Material 100%  Eco-friendly Silicone
Size 220/205/190/175mm X 12mm X 2mm, can be Customized
 Level color, segmented color, Changing color, Multi color mixed, Striped(like the rainbow)Standard Pantone colors are available
Logo Silk Screen Print, Debossed , Embossed, Printed, laser graved, can be customized
Ion powder Noctilucent Powder, Rhinestone are available
Surface Processing Polishing, Smoothing, Silk Screen Print, Debossed, Embossed, Laser etching, Epoxy etc.
Certificate CE,SGS, RoHs certificates
OEM and ODM Are highly welcomed
  Engraved Silicone Wristbands for Promotional Items
Engraved Silicone Wristbands for Promotional Items   Engraved Silicone Wristbands for Promotional Items
The OEM/ODM Service of silicone wristband
  1.   Main design and Sizes: Offer 2D/3D design drawings and other basic information.  Or tell us your ideas, we can design for you.
 2. Logo: offer Logo pictures, Artwork etc. Or we will offer artwork support to you.
 3. Surface Demands: Offer Surface Demands, like Polishing, Smoothing, Silk Screen Print, Debossed, Embossed, Laser etching, Epoxy etc.
 4.   Materials: Normal Silicone, High Elasticity, LSR (liquid silicone rubber),   Elastomeric Plastics, if add Iron Powder, Fluorescent Powder.
 5. Package Demands.
The advantages of our company
  1. Competitive Price: Origin Manufacturer.
  2. Precision Mold Tools for Wrist Bands: Mold-Making since 1998
  3. Five experienced designers, two of them joined BETTER since 2000 years
  4. Production and Test strictly according to ISO9001: 15 sets silicone/rubber compress   machines three experienced QC persons for silicone quality test
  5. Test Equipment: Durometer, Elasticity Measurement etc.
  6. Production Environment: 4 sets silicone rubber compree machines to produce Food/Medical   Grade Silicone product in 100,000 rating dust-free plant 
  7. 2 Assembly Lines in dust-free plant
  8. 5 production plants: Mold-Making Plant, Silicone/Rubber Compress Plant, Plastic Injection Plants, LSR Injection Plant, Assembly Plants, which can produce different materials for Wristbands


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