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Pad Printing | How Process Label for Molded Silicone Keymat?

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Pad Printing is to print a pattern/LOGO/icon/graphic onto another object using a carrier (pad printing head), on a pad printing machine, ink is placed on a steel plate engraved with text or patterns, and then the text or pattern is adhered to the rubber through the ink, and then the rubber is used to transfer the text or pattern to the surface of the product. Pad print is widely used, and the ink dries very quickly, also can be used for continuous multi-color printing with automated production lines, fast speed and high stability. Pad print for silicone rubber keypad/button/pad can have good quality even if it is printed for a long time, even can print fine patterns such as very small thin lines. Pad printing is often used in high-priced products such as precision instruments, besides, its soft pad printing head characteristics can be used in printing on soft, fragile items. It is one of the mainstream printing technologies today.

What Are Advantages Of Pad Printing?

Pad printing is a tried and true technology that is flexible enough to adapt to a wide variety of products and materials, as long as the ink, grease, and dye can stick to the rubber head and be transferred to another object, it can be pad printed.

Irregular surfaces can be printed. When the product has an irregular surface, such as uneven silicone buttons, cylindrical silicone protective covers, instruments, toys, parts and other special shapes, it can be matched with rubber heads of different sizes and softness, or custom-made rubber heads with special shapes. To complete printing, its application range is quite wide.

Can be printed on various materials. Silicone rubber, plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, paper, cloth, leather, glue, wood, bamboo products, stone, acrylic, and other materials can be printed.

Low process cost. Most of the processes are completed by mechanical processing, with low unit cost and low labor cost. From small to large quantities, a single piece can be simply made from an ordinary steel plate and then printed, and large quantities can be completed by machine automation equipment.

The ink dries quickly and is suitable for multi-color overprinting. Mechanical processing combined with automated equipment and the quick-drying characteristics of the ink are suitable for use in multi-color overprinting.

Note: Printing with a jig can make printing more stable and quickly complete high-quality printing.

In addition, pad printing can also be used to transfer functional materials, such as conductive inks, adhesives, lubricants, etc...

pad printing machine

How To Process Pad Printing To Transfer Logo Onto Silicone Rubber Keypad?

The graphic content of the pad printing needs to be etched on the steel plate first. After cleaning the steel plate, evenly apply a layer of photosensitive glue, and attach the printing film with graphics and text. The area without graphics and text will harden when exposed to ultraviolet light. Use a developer Rinse with water to allow the graphics and text on the film to appear on the steel plate, and pour the corrosive liquid to allow the graphics and text to corrode on the steel plate to a depth of no more than 0.5 mm. You can also directly use laser to etch graphics and text on the steel plate.

The transfer head is made of elastic silicone and has round, rectangular and square shapes. These shapes can have better contact with the etching plate and the printed product. It can transfer graphics and text to different shapes on the flat steel plate. On silicone keymat, the rubber head will deform due to different pressure and action surface of the rubber head during this process. In order to prevent the transferred graphics and text from deforming, it is necessary to select different soft and hard, large and small rubber heads according to the appearance of the product to adapt to the plastic head. After deformation, the desired effect is achieved.

The characteristic of pad printing ink is that it has strong viscosity and can be cured quickly. It needs to be adjusted by adding auxiliary materials such as diluting water and hardener according to the required color. Some inks need to be baked and UV cured after printing, so that the printing will be stronger.

pad printing keypad

What Are Differences Between Pad Printing And Silkscreen Printing For Keypad?

Pad printing and screen printing are common printing methods. Screen printing first requires the graphic content to be exposed, hardened, developed, and dried on the screen plate. Then pour ink on the screen plate and apply pressure with a scraper. Let the ink evenly cover the graphics and text on the screen. The ink is extruded from the mesh of the graphic part onto the printed silicone button. Screen printing requires the surface of the silicone button to be flat or regularly curved. The thick printed ink dries slowly and needs to be dried before the next step of the process can be carried out.

Silkscreen printing

What Are Common Icons/Graphics/Logo Process For Rubber Keymat?

Silkscreen printing

s silkscreen printing product

Laser engraving/etched

laser etching e

Pad printing

Mold engraving (debossed & embossed)

(Note: The mold engraving is simple, direct and uneven. The main process is to process the space for the LOGO in the upper and lower molds. If the logo is raised, a groove is dug on the mold plate. If the logo is recessed, a raised part is made on the mold plate. The LOGO can be completed on the silicone product during the high-temperature molding stage. Made without subsequent processing. Unless you need to print color on the raised logo or fill in the color on the concave logo.)


embossed and printing


Pad Printing Can Be Used For What Kind Of Silicone Rubber Parts?

Silicone rubber keypad

Silicone rubber ball

Silicone rubber cover

Silicone rubber case

Silicone rubber sleeve

Silicone rubber bottle

Silicone rubber cap

Silicone rubber tube

Silicone hose pipe

Silicone shrink tubing



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