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How to Check Manual Resuscitator

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Manual Resuscitator is a simple tool for artificial ventilation.Compared with mouth-to-mouth breathing, the oxygen supply concentration is high and the operation is simple.Especially critical condition, too late for tracheal intubation, can use pressure mask directly to oxygen, so that patients get adequate oxygen supply, improve tissue hypoxia.

Types of Manual resuscitators(emergency series):PVC manual resuscitator, sebs manual resuscitator, solid silicone manual resuscitator, liqulid silicone manual resuscitator, CPR mask & CPR face shield.

manual resuscitator

Performance and device:
Manual Resuscitator apparatus has the advantages of simple structure, quick and convenient operation, easy to carry and good ventilation effect.It is mainly composed of elastic breathing bag, respirator, breathing valve, air bag, mask or tracheal intubation interface and oxygen interface.

Basic principles:
The oxygen enters the spherical air bag and the air storage bag, opens the front flap through the manual pressure air bag, and presses the oxygen into the mask or tracheal duct which is close to the nose of the patient, so as to achieve the purpose of Manual ventilation.

CPR Mask sebs manual resuscitatorsolid silicone manual resuscitator PVC manual resuscitator

Operating procedures:
a. Evaluation:
(1) whether there are indications and indications for the use of simple breathing apparatus, such as acute respiratory failure, respiratory arrest, etc.
(2) to evaluate the contraindication of simple breathing apparatus, such as moderate or above active hemoptysis and massive pleural effusion.
b. Connect mask, breathing bag and oxygen, adjust oxygen flow by 5-10 l/min to fill the air bag.
c. Cover the nose of the patient with a mask and close the nose tightly to prevent air leakage.If patients with endotracheal intubation or tracheotomy use a simple respirator, the sputum should be sucked clean, the air bag inflated before application.

CPR mask & CPR face shield accessoriesCPR mask & CPR face shield

d. The method that both hands squeezes breath bursa: two hands hold the part between breath bursa, two thumbs are opposite face in, 4 fingers are close together or a little apart, two hands force even extrude breath bursa, wait for breath bursa to begin next extrude afresh after distend, should squeeze breath bursa when patient inspiratory.


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