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Different Silicone Rubber Keypad & Keyboard Conductive Ways

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Silicone Rubber Keyboard Conduction & Conductive Ways

Silicone Rubber Keypad & Keyboard have many conductive ways, like carbon pills, conductive ink printing, metal domes, nickles pills, copper & golden pills.

Different conductive ways have different features and applications.

Rubber Keypad.jpg

Black Carbon Pills: 

Features: Common keypad's conductive ways, Lower Resistance, Stable Performance, Long life time and Cheapest Unit Cost. Rounded Carbon Pills is common

Disadvantage: Conductive Shape Limited. 

Carbon Pills.jpg

Conductive Keypad.jpg

Conductive Ink Printing: 

Features: Common keyboard's Conductive Ways, 

Not condutive shape limited,  Cheapest Unit Cost.

Disadvantage: Resistance Limited, mainly above 50 Ohms (mainly depends on conductive ink materials)

Conductive Printing Keyboard.jpgRubber Keypad.jpg

Metal Domes: 

Features: Lower resistance, Common keyboard's Conductive Ways, 

Disadvantage: Bad Tactile Feel, Without Dust Free Functions

Metal Domes.jpg

Conductive Keypad.jpg

Metal Pills: Copper & Golden Pills

Features: Lowest Resistance, Stable Performance, long life time. 

Mainly used in Automobile Products

Disadvantage: Lower Production Efficiency, Expensive Unit Cost

Metal Pills.jpg

Rubber Keypad.jpg

Nickles Pills: Conductive Rubber + Nickle

Features: Lowest Resistance, Stable Performance, long life time. 

Mainly used in Automobile Products

Disadvantage: Expensive Unit Cost

Rubber Keyboard.jpg

Conductive Nickle Pills.jpg


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