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Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard

Remote Control Keyboard, known as universal Remote Keyboard, Universal Remote Control Keyboard, PC Remote Control etc, which mainly are made of elastomeric silicone rubber materials by silicone rubber compression mold tooling.
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  • Ink printing or Black Carbon Pill

  • Any color is available,single or multiple colors

  • Matt or Gloss, Silk-screen printing, Laser etching

Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard

Remote Control Keyboard, known as Universal Remote Keyboard, Universal Remote Control KeyboardPC Remote Control etc, which mainly are made of elastomeric silicone rubber materials by silicone rubber compression mold tooling. Some Remote Control Buttons with hard & elastomer polymer button cap, metal cover or metal dome.

remote control keyboard

Remote Control Keyboard Features

Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard have colorful keys as a reminder. Multicolored silicone keys generally are made by putting color keys materials & end-silicone-keys into rubber compression mold tooling, or made by color spraying coating, screen printing and so on. Some Remote Control Keypad can glow in dark conditions, because the silicone rubber keypad materials are mixed with fluorescent powder.

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Automatic potting process to add resin on each Remote control keyboard key top; protect the Remote control keyboard's legends, Multicolored key tops. Remote Control Keypads, generally need protective process like: matte smooth, Epoxy Coating, PU Coating or Silicone Buttons with plastic Key Cover Cap.

Remote controller button conduction modes: Black Carbon Pills, Electrically Conductive Ink Printing or Metal Dome.

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Remote control keyboard Surface Finish: Matt or Gloss, Silk-screen printing, Laser etching, Back-lighted, Epoxy Resin Coating, Spary coating, hard/epoxy coating, PU coating, etc.

Remote control keyboard surface smooth and hard touch feeling

3M permanent acrylic adhesive resists against dust, water, oil and moisture conditions.
Special sealing options are available for wet environments.

remote control keyboard

Keypad Web & Wall, Key Pad, Key Top & Cover and Electrically Conductive Contact Zones form major structures of Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard.

Design Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard or make Remote Control Keypad Tooling, is not only in view of silicone keypad structures, including actuation force, key travel, conductive way, etc., but also need care about silicone keypad surface demands, such as color spray coating, material choice, hardness differences, mutual influences and so on.

Most customers pay much attention to silicone keypad actuation force, but neglect keypad whole performance. Like silicone rubber keypad Web uniformity, spraying color coated influence, key cover effects, keypad-device integration etc.

Silicone Remote Control Keyboard

Remote Control Keyboard Applications

Mobile phone, remote control Keyboard
of TV/radio, calculators, telephone sets, other electronic products, all kinds of office automated machines, on/off switch, hand-held games, PCs, notebook computers, switches, databanks, toy game, micro measurement equipment, typewriter, cordless phone, etc.

Rubber Remote Control Keyboard
Remote Control Keyboard Main Types
Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard are divided into several types according to keyboard surface legends demands, keyboard color demands, functional requirements, conductive ways demands, key cover demands and material property demands etc.

Silicone Rubber Remote Control

Screen Print Silicone Remote Control Keyboard
Screen Printing Remote Control
Silicone Remote Control Keyboard Matting
Epoxy Silicone Remote Control Keyboard
Expoxy Rubber remote control
Silicone Rubber Remote Control Keyboard Metal Dome
Rubber Silicone Remote Control Keyboard Carbon Pills