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Logo Printed Silicone Swimming Cap

Silicone swimming caps is one type of swimming cap , made by 100% silicone , Soft, eco-friendly,high elastic,flexible and durable.It is not only to prevent ear shocking and protection head but also a respect to friends and rivals when you are swimming !
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Silicone swim cap
A swim cap is any of a number of rubberized or otherwise elastic devices worn on the head during participation in aquatic activities. Over the years, the swim cap has fluctuated in popularity as a result of its function, composition, and style of the times. Nowadays, the swim cap is considered essential equipment for competitive swimming - just don't call it a "hat," or you're sure to invite some confused expressions from your teammates.

How to choose a swim cap 

Different materials and styles offer different functional advantages. The variety of caps available today is driven by the needs of swimmers.
Silicone Caps
Silicone is one of the most ubiquitous materials used for swimming caps. The silicone swim caps are thicker and slightly less elastic than their latex counterparts - which means they are more durable and provide a sleeker profile in the water. Silicone caps are still very stretchy, but are offered in youth and adult sizes, and even a style designed for long hair, to provide a more custom fit for racing. 
Silicone caps will last longer and retain their color better than latex swim caps. The printed silicone caps are easy to put on the swimmers head and less likely to pull your hair. There are many more print options available for silicone swim caps such as front logos and all over swim cap logos. 
Silicone swimming caps is one type of swimming cap , made by 100% silicone , Soft, eco-friendly,high elastic,flexible and durable.It is not only to prevent ear shocking and  protection head but also a  respect to friends and rivals when you are swimming !
Latex Caps
Latex is not only thinner ,but also less durable than silicone. Latex swim caps rip more easily especially if you do not put them on properly or fail to take proper care of them. Since they are lighter than silicone, latex caps allow for more "breath-ability." Retaining less heat, these caps may be better suited for warmer climates in which heat loss is not an issue. Latex caps are also generally much cheaper than other types of swim caps. So if you're looking for a cap that won't break the bank and durability isn't a concern, then latex is the way to go.

How to  maintain the silicone swimming cap
1) Please use cold water to clean and dry the swimming cap after use it, Please do not contact with sharp objects, placed it in the shade to avoid the direct sunlight,it can be applied some talcum powder inside the swimming cap when not to use it within a long time.
2) We will do ozone disinfection for each style caps before they leave factory, after disinfection daub some talcum powder into it to prevent the breeding for bacteria in the transport process, and prevent the breakage of the caps due to adhesion, Customer after receiving the caps there may be some powder and a little smell, use cold water cleaning will not interfere with the normal use.

How to correctly use the silicone swimming cap

How to customize the silicone swim caps

Color: Any pantone color is available
Size: children,adult ,as your require
Design Type: normal,cute animal shape,other design could be customized
Surface process: Single and multi-color logo can be printed;
Material:100% eco-friendly Silicone
Package:pp bag,carton box(welcome your own require)
Services Sample Time:5-7days after confirmation
Mass Producing Time:according to customer quantity,generally 12- 15days
(The 100% mold tooling cost should be paid,After confirming the 
samples,advance 50% goods cost should be paid before mass 
produce,other 50% goods cost should be paid before delivery 
goods to clients )
Mould Making -- Samples Making -- Samples Confirming -- Mass Production(will Initial Production Check) -- Trimming --Final Quality Inspection --Packing -- Shipment
Shipment  By Sea/Air:we have worthy of trust and longterm cooperation freight 

 By Express:DHL,UPS,FedEx,EMS,etc


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