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LFGB FDA Food Standard Silicone Baby Dinner Plate

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Silicone Baby Dinner Plate:
Materials: Food-Standard Silicone;
Materials Certification: LFGB, FDA, SGS etc;
Sizes: 380mm*255mm*24mm;
Working Terperature: -40oC - 230oC;
Production Environment: Clean Room;
Odourless and tasteless.

Silicone Baby Tableware

The back of Silicone Baby Dinner Plate is smooth surface,
and also the silicone dinner area up to 0.095 square meter,
That can like a sucker is designed to stick to table. 
Baby can't throw dinner plate at dinner and also can keep dinner table clean and more healthily
when eat fruit, snacks, or pastry etc.
Silicone Baby Dinner PlateSilicone Baby Dinner PlateSilicone Baby Dinner Plate
Silicone Baby Tableware

1. Silicone Baby Dinner Plate is made from food standard silicone materials, 
which can passed FDA certification, LFGB certification etc. Odourless and Tasteless.

2. Silicone Baby Dinner Plate is easy to wash, and also can use dishwasher.

3. Silicone Baby Dinner Plate, which is heat resistant and can't up to 230oC,  
safe for Microwave, Oven, Freezer, and Disinfection Cabinet etc.

Our company regard quality as life.
The silicone materials choice of baby dinner plate is  choose 100% food-standard.
We will  not do business at low price and sell defective products.
Please believe: What Price, What Goods.


MOQ: 1PCS. If need custom specify color, the quantity should up to 50pcs.
Payment Terms: TT, Paypal, Western Union etc.

ODM service:
1. Offer 2D/3D design drawings, or tell us your ideas.
2. Send your logo information.
3. Surface Demands, Colors demands etc.
4. Certification Demands.
Silicone Baby TablewareSilicone Baby TablewareSilicone Baby TablewareSilicone Baby Tableware


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