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Elastomer Silicone Rubber Keypad

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Elastomer Silicone Rubber Keypad

    Silicone rubber keypads, which is made of translucent elastomer silicone rubber materials by compression mold tooling,  is widely used in industrial electronic products, medical products, comsumer products as reliable switch performance.

        Silkscreen Silicone Button Pad
    Silicone keypad web/wall thickness and uniformity, key travel, and silicone materials hardness which mainly determine keypad auctuation force and also known as tactile feeling.

     Plastic cover keypad
    High or low auctuation force keypad, which can’t determine elastomer keypad’s tactile feeling. Making good tactile feeling keypads should care about the global keypad designs, and also keytop hardness, keypad wall uniformity,keypad travel,tooling EDM process etc.
    Epoxy Keypad

Silicone rubber keypads have many types according surface legends, conductive ways and materials Property demands.

1. Spraying Keypads
2. Silkscreen keypad
3. Laser Etched Keypad
4. Epoxy Keypad
5. Dual Durometer / Hardness Keypad
6. Backlit Keypad
7. P+R (Plastic+Rubber)Keypad
8. M+R (Metal+Rubber)Keypad
9. Conductive Pad Printing Keypad
10. Luminous Keypad
11.Silicone conductive keypad



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